Trent Queer Collective

Building and strengthening an active Queer Community at Trent and in the Peterborough area.

What is the TQC?

The Trent Queer Collective was founded in 1987 as the "Trent Lesbian and Gay Collective." We exist to provide a safe space, resources, and social opportunities for MGSRI (Marginalized Gender/Sexuality/Romantic Identities) students.

The Trent Queer Collective strives to build and strengthen an active, visible and inclusive Queer community at Trent University and in the wider Peterborough area by connecting people to each other, to supportive networks, to information resources, and to Queer media. We seek to provide support and promote acceptance through the creation of safe social spaces that are free of judgment and prejudice against any group or individual. The Trent Queer Collective encourages and celebrates diversity, equality, positivity, understanding, inclusivity and fun.


What's with the Q? And the MGSRI? Why not LGBT*?

Historically used as a derogatory term for MGSRI people, the word QUEER has been reclaimed by many within these communities as an umbrella or fluid term. Since we strive to create a diverse and inclusive community, we have chosen to use a word which does not point to a single identity or group of identities.

We have chosen to use MGSRI instead of LGBTQ* or some other acronym for a similar reason. We feel that acronyms such as LGBTQ, no matter how long, invariably prioritize some identities, exclude others, and define visibly what labels are a part of the community. We feel that 
MGSRI (Marginalized Gender/Sexuality/Romatic Identities) more inclusively describes the community we serve while allowing people to define for themselves what labels, if any, they'd like to apply to their identity.